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Some mdeia files, mirrored here to keep traffic light for everyone else.

Comparison of Bush's speaking skills ten years ago and now (real footage and rather scary — he used to be quite articulate)

Here's the future Commander-in-Chief flipping a bird at a staff member. Note how resolute he is.

Here's how I want to see the current administration

The Kerry-Edwards voting guide. Did the Republicans publish anything similar?

Watch Alan Keye's go nuts on an innocent interviewer. Compare it with some of the other recent interviews with conservatives.

Strategy Memo from the New Democratic Network, a great organization.

PloyStory: What's really going on with the Republicans

Our prevailing Democratic ideas

Katherine Harris: Floridian, Representative, and wife, shown on C-Span getting way too cozy with another woman's husband

Here's some good answers to tough questions about John Kerry and the Democratic Party

Unamerican, an incredible song and video

Voter Gate, the movie — a must-see that will get you motivated for a recount

Another take on voting machines, this time humorous, but will make you think nonetheless.

Getting rid of these guys is just the start.
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