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This site is the brainchild of Shawn Laasch. I was born in FLorida, and have returned to live here. I was tired of seeing Florida show up as a red state. I know there are a lot of social conservatives in the state, but I think most everyone falls into my definition of political alignment, to wit:

Fiscal conservative, social liberal

Frankly, I think most Floridians, like most Americans, are willing to live and let live, willing to help people become productive, but determined to not pay extra for the others to be lay-abouts. Maybe it's just how I was raised.

These days, though, that important definition makes me a Democrat. The current incarnation of the Republican party seems determined to give money to America's aristocracy. I don't want to support their lifestyles, giving handouts to the already-rich and big corporations, while having to pay more and providing an even worse chance to the poor that they'll ever dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in.

Now, I find faith-based government. These aren't supposed to be the middle ages. We're not supposed to be moving instruments of government to religious groups. We need to build a government of the people for the people.

Just like it was supposed to be.

How do we do it? Things could be said to have started a downward spiral after the Repulican tide of 1994, only partially suppressed by the Clinton administration. If that's the case, then the only thing to do is to work on creating a Democratic tide.

We need to elect as many Democrats as possible. We need Democrat Presidents, Senators, and all the way down to dog catcher.

I voted for Nader last election. I felt that my state (I was living in Wisconsin at the time) was going to go for Gore (it did) and that I could cast a protest vote that also indicated my support for the environment and my disdain for the rise of corporations. I even talked at least one other person into voting for Nader (same circumstances).

For me to vote block-Democrat represents, I think, a major shift in view. I thought block-voting was a weakness of the feeble-minded; now, it appears that our only hope to return America to some recognizable form lies in the hands of the Democratic party.

We need more fiscal conservatives in office. We need more social liberals in office. We need Democrats in office.

This is site is dedicated to helping make this a reality. For more on that, go over to Our Mission page. Help out. You can change the world.


Getting rid of these guys is just the start.
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